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The greatest athletes and top business performers in the world understand what a difference a coach can make in their performance. It can make a difference for you too.

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Filling the gap between where you are

  • Unchallenged & unfulfilled
  • Unsure about next steps
  • Struggling to make the right connections
  • Feeling stuck
  • Lacking a plan or motivation
  • Resisting change

and where you want to be.

  • Advancing in your career
  • Surrounded by like-minded, supportive people
  • Confident about your plans and strategies
  • Knowing your true capacity
  • Excited about the future
  • Navigating obstacles with more confidence, ease and support

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Let's take 20 minutes to talk about where YOU want to go and if coaching can help get you there faster and better than on your own. Send me an email and we'll schedule a time to connect. No strings attached.

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"I knew I wasn't where I imagined I'd be but couldn't figure out what was missing or why things weren't adding up. I easily attribute to Steve a lot of my transformation from that point to where I am now. And I am in a place where I wake up and I can't believe what I'm surrounded by is my so-called life - it's amazing!"

- Aruna Ghatak-Roy, Attorney at Law


RippleTag® is a socially-focused way to help you connect and engage with your own personal accountability group. Cultivate community at work with colleagues, business leaders and fellow entrepreneurs through promptive conversations and connection starters.

Using the spark of Ripple Connection Questions, you’ll ‘tag’ fellow Ripplers with relevant and insightful topics to ignite new perspectives and valuable connection points. The practice of RippleTag® transcends typical networking because it encourages meaningful and memorable connections that help others succeed as well as yourself. 

Every group is dynamically formed to create a unique immersive experience with other members who share similar values, interests and goals. Groups are kept small, intimate and aligned with the Ripple philosophy of committed, engaged connection. 

RippleTag® is powerful at every level of an organization. Ripple Mastermind Peer Groups are built for transformative conversations with 8+ high caliber, non-competitive CEOs and business leaders.

A closely formed community of topflight Ripple leaders can generate valuable insights and experiential benchmarks that energize collaboration, innovative thinking and business growth. 

Leverage the wisdom of The Ripple Effect to engage in more meaningful conversations and grow your relationships. 

To enroll your RippleTag® group or be added to one, please complete the inquiry form below. 

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Meet your coach

A serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, author and leading business strategist, Steve Harper has successfully uncovered the secret to creating powerful long-lasting connections and their impact on one’s personal and professional life.

Over his thirty year career, Steve has maintained a unique focus on developing strong, long-lasting connections with his clients, prospects, employees and friends. He’s honed his unique ability to foster relationships into a strategy for achieving solid business success. That strategy, represented in his book The Ripple Effect, is the backbone of his signature 8 Minute Ripple events, speaking, podcasts, courses, coaching and online communities. 

Steve’s unique and refreshing approach to how and why individuals, organizations and even our society must reach outside the box to connect, is changing lives and impacting corporate bottom line dollars.